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Earth Yoga & Mindful Spaces for a healthy body and mind.

Earth Yoga

In Earth Yoga, we offer both yoga classes and a variety of other therapies to help you to a mindful and content life.

Yoga & Acupuncture

At EARTH KLINIK we offer traditional chinese medicine practices such as facial acupuncture and cupping

Our mission

is to share our passion for well-being with our community by

creating a space where customers can come to escape the daily stress

of the modern world

and relax their mind and body, renew their energies and


Core values

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle by

helping our community to focus on the health of the mind and body.

Creating a sanctuary where every

individual can heal, free and accept oneself.


Through remedies such as yoga, mindfulness, coaching and other types of
therapies, we want to increase your wellbeing and conscious way of living.

Our primary service is our Ashtanga Vinyasa inspired yoga classes which
provide a great exercise for both body and mind.

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Address: Earth Yoga
Odense C, Denmark

Phone: +45 42 36 58 14
Email: info@earthyoga.dk
CVR: 37153303




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