We are a boutique yoga studio located in the quiet, and relaxing space in the Munke Mose neighborhood of Odense.

Located just an 8-minute walk from the Odense City Hall Square (Flakhaven), we have created a space where yoga becomes an experience of internal inspection without external distraction.

At Earth Yoga, our classes involve different techniques to improve overall awareness and well-being: postures, controlled breathing, deep relaxation and meditation in movement. We want you to grow in your practice, to be challenged, to work towards goals, and to be part of a community.

Our Ashtanga- Vinsyasa inspired classes have a specific focus each month to motivate our practice and move towards a more conscious way of living.


Our Astanga inspired classes have an specific focus every month to motivate our practices and move towards a more conscious way of living.


"All levels are welcome to practice"








Earth Yoga

læssøegade, Odense C 5000

Denmark. Tel: +4542365814


CVR: 37153303



If you are new into the practice, our recommendation is to begin with a Basic class.

Our Ground classes are to focus on the foundations of the practice, they are shorter and with a slower tempo.


Drop us a line: info@earthyoga.dk or

Book directly in our app at MINDBODY: