One of the most wonderful things to be alive is to “be live” and not just to be an expectator of our days. Yoga is a tool; as meditation, and other techniques that can help us to perceive life from another perspective. Because it is not about the level of stress that we live, it is about how we experience it. Indeed, it is our perception of the situations what causes resistance and unbalances in our lives.

Have  you gotten into this situation in which life just passes? And it appearts to be moving faster than what you are actually

Life is not linear, growth is not linear and, according to what has been said to us as a part of a society, it can become a challenge to deal with the fact that after 1  it is not always 2; neither the subsequent numbers: 3,4,5,6 … etc. Thus,  If some day you do experience the emotion og happiness   and the next day sadness comes to visit you; “That is life”. Because one thing is given Monday is not remaingin Tuesday always.

The idea is that we become the “path” and emotions can come and go, but the road remains stable.

Our goal with the practice of mindfulness is to stop the sequence of mental patterns, when we brake the secuenciación, we stop the a tupí lot and there is room to experience who we are. This is YOGA.


Why can one become entangled in a physical practice?
If the asana becomes more important than attitudes towards the environment, attitudes towards myself, if  my physical practice is not synced with my breathing breathing or meditation. If my focus goes on acomplishment of everyday practie a full primary; then there is an imbalance in my practice. That’s all. It’s not good, it’s not bad. Stop and adjust GPS; or maybe I am in a point of my life in which i need more ASANA than the other limbs; that’s also OK; that’s why it is a personal and private  REMEDY.

No, one is to practice the art of being a kind and attentive  person 7 days a week. If you are on the path of knowing yourself, the more you practice self-study  the more opportunity you have to get to know yourself. Asana is one of the eight tips of yoga; and yoga is one of the many tools we use to know who we are.

The concept of MIND AND BODY as separate parts does not exist in the context of YOGA. That’s why as Larry Shultz used to say “ flexible spine; flexible mind”. When we begin to start not being disturbed by the external;  When we begin to accept more ourselves because there is NO standard to follow,  and therefore we do not judge “different”; ASANA has help us to become a little more flexible; when we truly respect others and truly validate their reality YOGA is happening.

Practice with intention, practice with care, practice in the name of love (even when it sounds like a song) and you have arrived to the starting point of becoming yourself.