In order to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the shala and your own health, we kindly ask you to respect our following guidelines.


How do I sign up?

Before starting your practice in Earth Yoga, you need to set up an account in the Mindbody system (link is in the bottom of the page).

It is through this app that you can sign up for practices. Note that you cannot cancel your class three hours or less prior to the practices.


How do I prepare myself for a yoga practice?

  • Practising yoga asanas is a cleansing experience for mind and body. It is therefore recommended that you shower before practising as well as keeping your yoga mat and clothes clean.
  • Bring or put on clothes that you are able to move in and feels comfortable. No need to bring your socks to the yoga mat – you will not need them.
  • In order to get a pleasant practice, we recommend not eating heavy meals up to two hours before practice and avoid drinking water at least 30 minutes before practice. If you cannot get through practice on an empty stomach, a light snack before practice will do it.
  • Respect your fellow practitioners by not wearing strong perfume
  • Bring a hand towel. Water is recommended after practice yet not during.
  • And remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE…


How should I conduct myself in the shala?

  • Tell the teacher if you have any injuries or physical limitations. This is important so the teacher can avoid positions that will affect your body negatively.
  • When arriving in the studio, sign in by clicking your name on the iPad that hangs on the wall.
  • Respect the peace and quiet of the yoga studio by carefully entering and exiting the shala. Always maintain a quiet voice in the shala. Please leave you phone at home or put it on mute.
  • The yoga practice will be initiated by chanting the traditional opening mantra that honours the lineage of practitioners before us. Chanting helps us focus and tune into the right mindset for the practice. You are free to abstain from the opening chant if you wish.
  • Always remember that yoga is not a competition. Do not look at your neighbours but, depending on the asana, focus your gaze at the tip of your nose.
  • Show the most important item of your yoga bag is a positive mind and an open attitude.


How should I end the practice?

  • When the yoga session is over, it is now your opportunity to ask all the teacher all the non-crucial questions that might have occurred to you during the session.
  • Do not shower immediately after the practice as it can halt the detoxification process and drain you of the energy you have gained throughout the practice.


Is yoga for me?

Yoga is a physical practice that suits almost everybody despite age and body types. In fact, many people having mental and physical difficulties experience an improvement in their condition when practising yoga. However, Ashtanga yoga should not be practised by pregnant people during the first trimester.

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