Book a private session where we will asses a specific theme that is dragging attention at this point of your life.

During this session, we will discover tools that will help you to understand what is happening and how you can develop a path to feel more comfortable with yourself.

Every person is different and it is our goal is to direct you toward your inner wisdom so you will be able to solve what is needed to be solved, to accept what is needed to accept and to start loving this beautiful path called life. Difficulties in life is a great source for us to grow and everything we encounter has been put in our path deliberately.

We have the wisdom and strength but we need to access it. Through different techniques to relax the body and the mind, it is easier to access that wisdom.



First session (60 min.): 600kr
Follow up (50 min.): 420kr
Five sessions voucher: 1.750kr

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Address: Earth Yoga
Odense C, Denmark

Phone: +45 42 36 58 14
CVR: 37153303




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