The motivation behind Earth Yoga & Mindful Spaces is to facilitate a physical place where people can come and enjoy being with themselves and in the company of others without any expectations or social etiquette other than respect and love.

It is very simple, one cannot perform well in society or life if one is not comfortable with oneself. When we start feeling at ease and comfort with whom we are, we simply become nicer people.

Yoga is one path to get comfortable with who we are.To set time apart to start getting to know oneself because the truth is most of us do not know the answer to the question who I am? And if you don’t know who you are, how can you love and accept yourself?
At Earth Yoga you come, you breathe, you focus on what is good for you and hopefully start becoming who you already are.

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Address: Earth Yoga
Odense C, Denmark

Phone: +45 42 36 58 14
Email: info@earthyoga.dk
CVR: 37153303




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